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Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends

    Check out this article about what's hot for 2014 in the swimwear world.  Our Gold Arc One Piece is featured!



    TREND FORECASTING: Everything We Learned About Next Summer’s Trends From Fashion Week Swim (PHOTOS)

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    Oh, fashion. Before we can even bask in the purchase that we just shelled out major cash on to be on-trend, you never fail to remind us that we are already outdated. 

    This weekend, the most beautiful swimsuit models in all the land flocked to celebrate their body accomplishments by strutting their stuff during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014presentations. 

    This summer, the swimsuit trends were all about sexy one pieces and fun prints, but if what we saw hit the runway last week was any indication of what the buyers will be stocking shelves with, a change is gon’ come. 

    We took the liberty of analyzing some of the looks from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and trend forecasting on your behalf, so before you snag those end of season summer sales on the hot bathing suits, you might want to take a look at what style will still be rockin’ next summer. 

    Come along as we look into our crystal ball and predict all things swim 2014. 

    1. High waist bottoms are in the clear for next year, so carb on. 

    2. You will need the assistance of a pal who is not squeamish about seeing your nipples to help you tie your girls into some of these crisscross contraptions. 

    Seriously, even the headbands are in on the crisscross trend. 

    Hi-waist and crisscross for the win. 

    3. Speaking of nipples, they will probably be the only things covered in some of the suit selections, as mesh is having a swim worthy moment.

    Censored bits. 

    4. The geometric shapes that were previously ruling on prints are just full out cutaways on bathing suits now. I vote yes for the trend, but no for the tan lines that will accompany it. Lather up that SPF! 

    5. One pieces that should just be bikinis are also still enjoying their modified moment in the limelight. Less is more, right? 

    6. Traditional mono suits are still ruling! They’re just getting a little cheekier and showing off a tad bit more boobage. 

    7. And athletic inspired swimwear is still having a moment. 

    8. Morbid Barbie head shoes like this could be coming to a beach near you if you invite Courtney Stodden over to swim and frolic. 

    9. But it is still all about the itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini. 

    The smaller the better!

    Like, really really small…

    And if this provides you any comfort at all, know that all of these looks are Dennis Rodman approved.