Travel with Sauvage - Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort

Ever wonder what makes the absolute perfect location for a glamorous swimwear photo shoot, and a relaxing vacation? For Sauvage Swimwear's 2015 campaign photo shoot we found just the place; Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort in the Caribbean. Located in the southern tip of the Grenadines, this boutique island is the perfect luxury escape. 

private plane and 15 minute boat ride are the only way to get to this elegantly secluded 2 mile radius island, creating a truly unique and special vacation experience. The pure white sand beaches and turquoise sea that encircle the island are stunning, while breathtaking ocean views of the Atlantic and surrounding Grenadine islands can be seen from all 22 private beach villas and guest cottages.

With an amazingly talented crew, including photographer Antoine Verglas, models Emma Stern and Serafima Kobceva, and the surrounding enchanting natural beauty and luxury resort amenities, Petit St. Vincent proved to be the quintessential location for Sauvage's 2015 swimwear campaign photo shoot.